DeliveredGenesis Growers organically farms 20 acres in fertile north-central Illinois: no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer. The result is naturally healthy soil that yields fresh, nutritious and tasty crops.

Farmer Vicki Westerhoff distributes fresh produce and eggs to over 450 local families in Chicago & Northern Illinois through a 9 month long Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, farmers markets and a growing wholesale business. Crops are picked only at the peak of their flavor and freshness.

Man does not live by veggies alone! That is why we offer both vegetables and fruits in our summer and fall boxes. First off, you save time and money by not having to purchase fruit elsewhere. Also, some people are hesitant to purchase a box full of veggies, believing they might not be able to eat them all. These are the reasons we include both veggies and fruits...and why our customers love it! Click here to view our crop chart and see which fruits and vegetables you might receive during each month. The fruits are on the second page of the chart.

More about Community Supported Agriculture

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