About CSA

The CSA Movement
Community Supported Agriculture is a direct relationship between local farmers and consumers. Consumers support the farm by purchasing shares of the harvest. In turn they receive seasonal, fresh and nutritious food for their family on a weekly schedule. By making a financial commitment to a farm, consumers become "shareholders" of the farm. Farmers usually ask shareholders to pay up-front for the food. This helps the farmer with much needed revenue at the beginning of the growing season. The shareholder then participates in the success of the farm throughout the season.

This practice started 30 years ago in Japan and spread to Europe. In 1985 the first CSA was formed in the United States. Locally grown produce is naturally more nutritious and tasty than what is commonly available in a supermarket. Instead of being flown and trucked in from another part of the country, or the world, food is grown a few hours from the consumer, picked at it’s peak of flavor, and delivered within 24 hours.

How the Genesis Growers CSA works
We farm to enrich the lives of our shareholders. Customers purchase a "share" of our crops at the beginning of the year. We tend to the land and harvest the crops when they are most flavorful and nutritious. We deliver the produce to our numerous drop-off points in Chicago & Northern Illinois within 24 hours. We are better able to manage our farm because we have a commitment from you to purchase the crops. In turn for that commitment, your family enjoys fresh and nutritious food, grown locally, reducing your carbon footprint.