Chefs are preparing distinctive meals using Genesis produce

The locally grown food trend is getting hotter and hotter each year—for good reason! Locally grown produce is fresher, tastier and more varied than what is offered through conventional wholesalers.

Genesis Growers is committed to supplying discerning Chicago area chefs with top quality produce.

Why buy Genesis produce?

  • Create dishes with superior freshness, taste and uniqueness
  • Appeal to a rapidly growing legion of patrons who value locally sourced ingredients
  • Have a real connection with the person growing your produce

We offer the following services:

  • Year-round availability. We offer vegetables starting in March and root vegetables all year-round.
  • You get only the best quality to serve your customers. Each item is hand selected to ensure no dented or bruised pieces.
  • Picked-to-order freshness. Most orders are picked the day before they arrive in your kitchen.
  • Custom items grown specifically for you. Want a steady supply of dandelion leaves, cilantro berries or mustard flowers? Consider it done.
  • Easy to use. Items are sized to your specifications. You can even get different sizes of a single item, tomatoes for instance, for use in different dishes.
  • Frequent and reliable delivery. The ingredients you use are as fresh as they can possibly be. We deliver to Chicago, north and west suburbs, 2 – 3 times per week
  • Your customers will appreciate the taste and your commitment to local, organic and sustainably grown ingredients.

The Genesis restaurant program includes

  • Crop chart by month so you can plan seasonal menus
  • Weekly emails with what is at its ripest
  • Listing on our page of restaurant customers
  • Mention in our weekly emails to the 450 members of our residential buying program

Contact Vicki at 815-953-1512 or

Click here for a list of restaurants currently offering Genesis produce.