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Genesis Growers’ mission is to provide nutritious products to local families utilizing the natural processes of the land and to provide a living wage to those who work there. It is a very personal and spiritual endeavor for Vicki Westerhoff. In fact, it’s hard to separate Vicki from Genesis because her beliefs permeate every part of the operation. The land itself is respected. When Vicki first took over stewardship of this land she found it in bad shape. Years of traditional farming had left it in an almost sterile state. The only thing living was the crops, and those, only sustained by chemicals to fertilize and keep down weeds and pests. Vicki changed all that. She uses no chemicals and practices sustainable, natural farming. The land uses its own natural devices to nurture what grows. The result is animals living amongst the crops and yes, weeds too. That's OK. The natural process yields naturally healthy land that provides unmatched crops. Genesis Growers provides a living wage to its workers. Produce in supermarkets come from all over the world. In many cases, the workers providing labor on these farms are paid pennies on the dollar. At Genesis we value our workers and pay them a living wage. Without them we wouldn't be able to provide the best quality for our customers. Vicki Westerhoff farms Genesis with the help of her son Jon and head worker, Jay. She also employs 6-8 hands and utilizes the help of interns and volunteers. We're extremely proud of our farm. CSA members have the opportunity to attend two parties at the farm.

We have always felt that a well-rounded CSA box should include both fruits and vegetables. Unlike some CSA's, Genesis includes both in our summer and fall boxes so you save time and money. What a great concept, huh? Our customers like the convenience of getting both each week, saving them from signing up for a separate fruit CSA or going to a conventional store. People also comment they feel it is easier to consume a box with better variety. Click here to see which fruits you might see in your summer or fall box. The fruits are on the second page of the chart.

CSA Program
All of our fresh produce and eggs is available through a Community Supported Agriculture program. Our farm-fresh food is picked up by shareholders (customers) at one of numerous locations throughout Chicagoland. Click here for more information.

Farmers markets
We sell our produce and eggs in several farmers’ markets in the Chicagoland area. Click here for a map showing times and locations.

Diners are looking for restaurants that support local agriculture. The locavore movement is gaining strength exponentially for eco-conscious urban folks. Genesis Growers supplies top quality vegetables, fruits and herbs to restaurateurs who value the freshest and most delicious produce for their customers. We offer year-round deliveries of seasonal lettuces, onions, potatoes, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, peppers, root vegetables and fresh herbs. Your customers will notice the difference when you serve them our produce. We plant numerous heirloom varieties that are bursting with flavor. Contact farmer Vicki Westerhoff directly at 815-953-1512 for more information.

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We’re located 70 miles south of Chicago in St. Anne, IL. That’s just east of Kankakee.
Click here for a map.
8373 E 3000 S Rd.
St. Anne, IL 60964