How To Buy

We offer three types of food for purchase: vegetables (includes fruits), eggs and herbs. Each week your share of our crop is delivered to one of numerous convenient Chicagoland drop off points for you to pick up. We deliver on time. It’s that simple to enjoy healthy, locally grown produce. Please also visit us at local farmers markets, or let us know if you are interested in wholesale accounts.

Our complete program lasts a full nine months. Most CSA programs last five, maybe six months. That just wasn’t good enough so we extended our season from April until December by growing early and late crops in hoophouses.




CSA Shares


Our boxes contain seasonal vegetables rounded out with in-season fruits and herbs. Some CSA's offer fruit shares as an add-on for an additional charge. We believe fruits belong in your lunchbox so we include them in the base price.

You get a wonderful variety of veggies and fruits in each delivery so you can make delicious meals for your family. We grow over 250 varieties of veggies so you get a healthy, seasonal mix of great tasting and fresh produce. One woman said, "I know I will use everything in my Genesis box because the variety is so great. The last CSA I joined sent me a lot of just a few items. I ended up canning or freezing large portions."

What Is A Share?

Plans (shares of our production) are available for Spring, Summer and Fall in both medium and large sizes. Farming is not an exact science so some weeks may be a bit light while other weeks the box is overflowing.

A medium share is enough for 2 – 3 people, 20% larger than a paper grocery bag
A large share is enough for 4 – 5 people, 60% larger than a paper grocery bag


By-Season Share Plan

Spring (April & May)
4 boxes over 8 weeks

Summer (June - Oct.)
21 weeks delivered weekly

Fall (6 weeks starting in Nov. plus 1 storage box)

Medium - $145.00
Large - $270.00

Medium - $695.00
Large - $1,350.00

Medium - $220.00
Large - $420.00

Payment plan: $100 down with equal monthly payments thereafter. You must send in post-dated checks with your initial order.


3 Season Combo Share Plan
Payment in full by All Three Mediu Medium Spring & Fall, Large Summer All Three Large

Feb 15, 2013, save 10%





Fresh eggs from healthy hens taste much better than store-bought eggs and contain less cholesterol.
Our chickens are free-range and are fed an omega three diet. If you have never experienced this
culinary delight you owe it to yourself and your family to try them.

What Is A Share?

Prices below are per 1 dozen eggs. Sign up for as many dozen as you like.
Eggs Spring 6 Doz.
(April &May)
Summer 21 weeks
(June - Oct.)
(6 weeks starting in Dec.)
Three Season Combo











 Chicken Spring
(May Only)
(June - Oct.)
(6 weeks starting in Dec.)

2 per month